Programs Available


Domestic Violence (BIPP):

The BIPP Program (Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program) is designed to help MALE BATTERERS understand their actions and how they alone can control their behavior and bring social change necessary to end battering and increase victim safety so that they can live a life free from violence.
The Domestic Violence BIPP Program here at Unlimited Choices to Recovery is an ACCREDITED PROGRAM. This program is accredited  by the The Texas Department of Criminal Justice- Community Justice Assistance Division (TDCJ-CJAD)
When enrolling in the BIPP Program you must do an intake, assessment and orientation at the time of enrollment. This will take approximately two (2) hours to complete. There will be a fee at registration. Payment is due at the time of enrollment.
There will be a weekly charge for each class you participate in. The fee will be based on a sliding scale in some cases. You must schedule an appointment in advance to register for this class.

Anger Management

Is a 12- week class designed to help individuals struggling with feelings of rage and stress. It is also designed for individuals to identify, resolve and learn how to control their anger and violence issues and recognize how anger can become an addiction.


Parenting is a 8-week class that will educate parents on how to effectively raise their children and build a healthy relationship within the family unit. Individuals will learn the importance of GOOD PARENTING and they will learn that GOOD PARENTING happens when a person creates for a child a stable nurturing home environment by being a positive role model, play a positive and active part in a child's life, provide moral spiritual guidance, set limits and provide age appropriate consequences for their child's behavior.

​​​Anti-theft Shoplifting Class

A (One-time) 4-Hour Session. The Anti-theft Class  will address and treat theft as similar to or as an addiction, the  individual will learn the top 10 reasons why people commit thefts, ways to avoid stores, facts about shoplifting, The seven types of shoplifters, how being trustworthy builds character, how stealing is a negative character trait, why it is important not to steal, penalties and sentencing for theft, cognitive life skills, employee theft, credit card abuse, forgery, welfare fraud, theft of property, theft of a vehicle, and the theft statues in the Texas Penal Code will also be addressed. They will learn to identify the nature of their criminal offense, their motivations, and any perceived rewards or benefits they may have for stealing and committing theft.  

​​Individual Substance Abuse Counseling Sessions

A One-Hour Individual Counseling Session with a Licensed Counselor (L.C.D.C.) once a week or twice a week to address any issues or concerns a client may have pertaining to substance abuse and addictive behaviors. (This will be at Client or Referral Sources request). 

​​​​​​Drug and Alcohol Evaluations in Fort Bend & Harris Counties

The Drug and Alcohol Evaluations are an essential part of the Probation process here at Unlimited Choices to Recovery. Our goal is to get a Comprehensive View of each of our clients history and their pattern of use in order for the clinician to make a more accurate evaluation and the best recommendation of care needed. We use two instruments for this Evaluation to administer the Drug and Alcohol Evaluation here at Unlimited Choices to Recovery.
One of the Instruments used to administer the Drug and Alcohol Evaluation at Unlimited Choices to Recovery is the SASSI. The Sassi is a brief and easily administered Psychological Screening measure that helps you identify both Adult and Adolescents who may have a Substance Use Disorder.
The other Instrument used to administer the Drug and Alcohol Evaluation is the DAST (Drug Abuse Screening Test).  DAST is a 28 item self-report scale that is designed to be used to identify drug related and alcohol problems. This test is useful for matching individual needs and readiness for change with tailored interventions. 


​​​​​Christian Counseling (Individual Sessions)

Is counseling that provides psychotherapy services and pastoral counseling for men or women with depression, addictions, anxiety, abuse and traumatic life experiences. 

​​Grief and Bereavement Counseling:

A One-Hour Individual Counseling Session with a Licensed Counselor. This session will help individuals who have suffered loss; by losing a loved one to find strength to cope and move through trauma.

​​Domestic Violence: (Batterers)

Women only (18 Weeks) In this program we educate women on how to keep their anger from undermining their self-esteem, emotional balance and their relationships which can cause abuse towards their spouse, significant other or family member which can lead to Domestic Violence.

​​Domestic Violence (Victims)

Women Only (12 Weeks) In this program it will inspire, empower and educate women on how to escape from an abusive relationship and learn how to identify personality traits of an abusive partner. Women will learn how to do a safety plan and heal from an abusive relationship. Women will also learn how not to be intimidated by their abuser and seek help.