It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED by Unlimited Choices to Recovery that you contact your PROBATION OFFICER Prior to registering for any class or program to be Absolutely   certain that you are participating in the correct class. We cannot be held responsible if you register and  participate in the WRONG CLASS. If you are still unclear after speaking to your PROBATION OFFICER, COURT, or LAWYER bring in your documentation so that we may assist you. UNFORTUNATELY we do not issue REFUNDS for taking the WRONG CLASS. DOUBLE CHECK WITH YOUR REFERRAL SOURCE BEFORE REGISTERING IN A CLASS OR BRING IN ALL NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION FOR US TO REVIEW.  




1. Attend Group on time

2. Attend the entire Group. If you must leave your scheduled group early, the facilitator must be notified prior to group.

3. Turn off all cell phones and no texting during group. For all emergencies give your support person(s) the office telephone number. 

4. If you need to use the restroom or make an emergency phone call, simply raise your hand and notify the facilitator of your need.

5. Sign in legibly on the sign-in sheet at the front desk before group starts. We want to ensure that you get the proper credit for your 


6. While in group share about your experience, strength, and hope. Please use "I" Statements.

7. Always treat your peers and facilitators with Respect. 

8. If you are going to Miss one of your scheduled Groups you must inform your counselor or the facilitator.

9. Absences from Group must be reported to the Appropriate referral sources approved or unapproved.

10. Confidentiality: Whatever Is Shared in Group Stays in Group.

11. Absolutely no eating in class; however, you are allowed to drink a bottle of water only if you become thirsty.

12. Appropriate attire is required when attending Groups. No Inappropriate skirts, shorts, dresses and low-cut blouses.

13. GUYS please don't wear SAGGING PANTS TO GROUP. 

14. Unlimited Choices to Recovery is a NO SMOKING FACILITY. Absolutely no smoking in the facility. However, smoking is permitted in the outside seating area near the parking lot. PLEASE DISCARD YOUR CIGARETTE BUTTS IN THE TRASH.

15.  Please No Cross Talking during group, 

16.  PARTICIPATION IS A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!